1.1 About Qseason

Welcome to Qseason

Qseason International Ltd. is a China based company with its head office located in Shanghai and manufacturing site in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province. Qseason is the preferred destination for eco-friendly and innovative textile products, delivering high quality products and providing exceptional services to its global business partners.

With over 12 years’ experience in the manufacture of textile products, Qseason has two main divisions dealing with different business segments. These two divisions are Qseason In-flight and Qseason Promotion. The product covers wide range of travel sets, blankets, eyemasks, pillows & pillow covers, bags & pouches, etc. Our goal is to provide superior quality products and achieve sustainable development.

In anticipation of further business growth, Qseason established “Product Development and Service Team” in Shanghai, an innovation team with expert engineers and sales representatives, dedicating to offer support to clients at all stages – from concept and design through to manufacture and supply. At Qseason, we strive to meet current market requirements while exploring innovative methods to improve the buying process.

Who is Qseason

Our mission is to be the world’s premier textile company focused on in-flight and promotional items. We seek to produce high quality, eco-friendly and innovative textile products and provide exceptional services to our global business partners.
Qseason’s products are available in every corner of the world – every flight, every journey, every traveler.
Qseason places a high value on the relationships we have with – our employees, our business partners and our customers. In everything we do, we strive for INTEGRITY, HIGH QUALITY and EFFICIENCY.

Why choose Qseason

Strict Quality Control

More than 12 years’ experience in the manufacture of textile products, our qualified technical team continues to improve the manufacturing process. In the past three years, the defect rate of Qseason’s products is only 0.6%, much lower than 3% which is widely adopted by international standard (ANSI/ASQC Standard Z1.4-1993, General Inspection LevelⅡ).

On-time Delivery

The delivery performance is a key indicator for the level of performance a company is able to provide on-time delivery to its customers. We are very proud of the fact that Qseason’s on-time delivery rate has been around 99.5% for the past 10 years.

Exceptional Services

Qseason will continue to explore innovative methods to serve all of our customers better. Our dedicated, experienced and trusted service team will offer you with innovative and high quality products with the most efficient, professional and comprehensive service.

1.2 Quality Assurance

Three Dimensions of Quality Assurance
Pre-production: During the period of product development, Qseason will conduct feasibility analysis and identify potential quality issues. During production: Qseason implements five layers of quality control in order to ensure every procedure is strictly under control. Post-production: After shipment, Qseason will keep tracking the product quality and get prepared for product upgrading.
Five Layers of Quality Control
The five layers of quality control include Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA), Incoming Quality Control (IQC), Input Process Quality Control (IPQC), Final Quality Control (FQC) and Outgoing Quality Control (OQC). Qseason’s expert engineers and front-line manufacture technicians will ensure high-level quality control to be carried out to every production procedure.
Two Ways of Inspection
According to client requirements and product features, Qseason adopts two ways of inspection (100% full inspection and AQL sampling standards). In AQL sampling standards, ANSI/ASQC Standard Z1.4-1993 is equivalent to ISO2859, BS6001, NFX06-022 and DIN40080. Qseason insists zero tolerance to quality issues, so Qseason’s products are exempt from quality inspection for some long-term customers.

1.3 Exhibition Plan