We have been in business for 12 years this coming November.
At present we have 103 employees. However, during the busy seasons we hire an additional 30 to 50 people, depending on the work volume at that time.
We are a factory, and we manufacture all of our products but we also manufacture for trading companies. We are not a trading company ourselves. We can offer you factory direct prices, so it will be good for you to be able to offer good prices to your clients.
Yes, we manufacture all in one location but we do have warehousing next to our factory. We use this when the factory gets very full as an overflow and for products that are about to be shipped and packaged
This allows for full capacity of our production factory at all times without any products getting in the way. Finished products are also kept clean and free form damage.
Our factory is 70,00 m2, including our warehouse. It is broken down into different sections, 30,00 m2 is used for all our machines and high production, 2000 m2 for finishing and painting of the products and we have 2000 m2 of warehouse where everything ships from.
From our current staff of 103 people that we have, 11 people run the office, including myself, the other 92 people work in production manufacturing, finishing, packaging and shipping departments. The 11 people working in the office divided into the following groups – sales, marketing, accounts, and design and product development. We don’t have a set number for each section. We try and cross-train everybody so everybody is aware of what’s going on in the business and this is also a good way for our employees to learn different stages and sections of the administration of the office. It also helps the company, if it’s busy in one section, we can use people from another section. But, the sales people focus mainly on their clients and how to take care of them.
From July to November are our busiest months. December and January can also be busy as we are preparing to ship out everything prior our Spring Festival. We managed to maintain a good flow throughout the year but the highest volume of manufacturing takes place in July, August and September. We also have to hire additional staff for these months. Business is very consistent for the rest of the year. March can be one of our slowest months and the reason being the return from the Spring Festival, so it takes a while to get the wheels in motion again and to get the orders flowing. Thankfully, we have nice steady consistent business throughout year. This maintains a good atmosphere and good morale I the company because no company wants to quiet for any amount of time. This also brings a good positive atmosphere to everybody.
48% of our business comes from the United States, 20% from Europe, 12% from Canada, 10% from Australia and 10% from local areas. This changes from year to year depending on the country’s economic situation and depending on the orders and product development we do in these areas. We are always seeking to promote new business as well as seeking to increase the sales of our current clients.
We offer full development and design for our clients. We use a compatible range of software, so you get the full effects of our products before it goes to tooling, sample or production. We can offer 2D and sometimes 3D if the client requires. We can also offer full colored drawings and renderings that can give a real-life effect of the product before it’s manufactured. All of our software is compatible with other software in the world and can be formatted into any viewing file format that is requested by our cli
We run the manufacturing factory on a single shift, 8 AM to 5 PM. During our busy months, we sometimes increase this to a shift and a half, from 8 AM to 10 PM. If we get new clients with bigger demands and orders, we have the capacity and the resources to run the production factory 24 hours if necessary. We also have machinery on standby at all times for extra overflow of work. There are also a lot of empty warehouse buildings in our city and we have the means and resources to acquire these warehouses at anytime of the year, for short-term leases. This gives us more overflow capacity so the manufacturing process is not a concern for us. We already have a good process in place and therefore, we can cope easily with extra orders of products. This is what we do best, we take responsibility for our clients, both existing and future clients. So you don’t have to worry about that, we are always able to handle bigger orders form new clients.
We get the majority of our material from the local manufacturer or wholesalers in our city. If we receive an order from our clients in the morning, most of the time, we can have the steel in the factory that evening or, at the latest, the next day.
Yes, we have many safety regulations in our company and we enforce them very strictly. On the production floor there are many rules and regulations that employees have to keep. They have to wear certain clothing and safety equipment during certain processes of manufacturing. We also try and keep up with any new laws that are implemented